Cheap VS Expensive Hair Straighteners

Cheap vs expensive is the ultimate question when it comes down to shopping. Is it worth it to shell out those couple extra of dollars to get the expensive flat iron of your dreams, or should you just stick to the couple of bucks that are in your pocket?

cheap vs expensive hair straighteners

Being called cheap isn’t necessarily a good thing in the shopping industry, and definitely not in the fashion/beauty industry. But what if cheap is just another word for efficient. You can definitely still get your money’s worth whether you spend tons of dollars or barely any at all. In this article we are going to compare the typical cheap flat iron that you can find in every convenience store in the country… against, the brand that everyone has been raving about but is a little out of a normal person’s price range. Conair vs GHD flat irons. Cheap vs expensive.

Cheap vs Expensive, Which is it Better to Be?

Everyone feels differently about this subject. I personally believe the best way to be is efficient and to look damn good while you are doing it. That being said, it is always fun to do your hair with an expensive styling item. Usually because you will leave your house looking like you just had an hour blow out at the salon. Seriously, how great would that be? Imagine walking out of the house every morning and looking like an absolute super model.

cheap vs expensivePROs for Cheap (Such as Conair)

If you are brand new to hair styling, or want to purchase a flat iron for your child that is just starting to have fun with their hair go for the Conair.

The Conair flat iron comes with ceramic plates and a “floating” plate that eliminates gaps… It basically means that it has the ability to straighten your hair with little to no problem at all.

It is at a set heating setting of 455 degrees fahrenheit and can heat up in about 15 to 30 seconds which means you won’t have to wait around to be able to start straightening your hair. I don’t recommend straightening your hair when it is wet though.

In summary:

  • Ceramic plates for even heat distribution and can get close to your scalp
  • Single heat setting (455 degrees)
  • Quick heat up time

cheap vs expensivePROs for Expensive (Such as GHD)

Continuing on to the expensive part of cheap vs expensive… Spending your money on an expensive hair styling product is completely worth it if you are buying a GHD hair straightener. This hair straightener is going to give you super model hair that will knock everyone off their feet as you pass them by. The GHD flat iron will be able to give you the perfect curls, beautiful beach waves, and straightened hair that still has body and shine to it.

It comes with a 2.7m long cord that allows you to be able to stand properly or sit properly without having to lean over anything. As well as potentially walk into another room with it. In contrast to the Conair, the GHD only goes up to 185 degrees. There is a lower risk of burning your hair and causing any damage.

The part I am most excited about is that the flat iron shuts off after 30 minutes of not using it. And you will be able to rest soundly knowing that your investment in this product is covered by a two year warranty.

In summary:

  • 2 year warranty
  • 3m long swivel cord
  • Heat setting (185 degree)
  • Shuts off automatically after you stop using it for 30 minutes.

CONs for Both: Cheap vs Expensive


It claims to have an auto-off heat setting which I have never really seen work. Mostly because when I think off, I usually know that the appliance is completely off. That is not what it means in this case though, which kind of makes it a fire hazard. In this case, it means it is done heating up but if it is still plugged in, it still could probably burn your house down. Flat irons are usually the reason a lot of things catch on fire because people always forget about them. So please be careful.

Also keep in mind that because it is cheaper, it is made with slightly cheaper products. Which cheaper products leaves the risk of it breaking quicker.


It is expensive. If you don’t have the money to do get this, then you probably shouldn’t purchase it. Especially since the cheap straighteners can do the job just as well. Maybe not as fabulous but definitely just as well. Same problem as the Conair, it says it has automatic off mode but I don’t trust that. Even though you are paying more money for a hair straightener, it is best to unplug the flat iron all together when you are done. Do NOT just leave it there. There is such a fire hazard with flat irons. Always be careful.

Final Thoughts…

In my personal opinion, I used the Conair flat iron until It snapped in two which was a very long time. But it also took forever to straighten my hair, and was not good at doing anything other than straightening my hair. I would try to curl my hair with it, and it never worked out. I upgraded to a better flat iron, a bit more expensive but, not the most expensive out there. This upgrade was worth every penny I spent on it. I was able to curl my hair, give it beautiful waves, and flatten my hair in half the time. What I suggest you do is spend your money wisely and efficiently when you are weighing out your decision on being cheap vs expensive.

Check out our buying guide so that you can get the best flat iron for your money. Click here.

If there are anymore products you would like to have us compare and/or would like to read about, please leave the suggestions in the comments below.


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