HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

The Most Versatile Flat Iron that Does the Job Anywhere and Works! High Heat Settings, Curved- Edge for Curls or Waves, and Perfect for Smooth Glossy Hair. Also a Great Bang for Your Buck!!


HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

HSI Professional 1” Glider Flat Iron

Today I’ll be reviewing the HSI Professional 1″ Glider Flat Iron. It’s a fantastic hair straightener with a “Digital LCD Temperature Control” that can heat as high as “450°F” and as low as “250°F.” The straightener is a ‘ceramic’ flat iron with “tourmaline plates” and a feature called “advanced” infrared heat technology.” It comes with a glove to protect your hand as the flat iron’s casing does heat to a high temperature.

HSI Professional Flat Iron
HSI Professional Flat Iron

Additionally, the HSI Professional straightener on Amazon.com also comes with a bottle of Argon Oil leave in conditioner (5 mL) to help your hair remain moisturized even while using the iron. The HSI Professional Flat Iron also is shaped specifically so you can “flip” or curl your hair with the 1-inch plates. Also, it’s an inexpensive and the perfect do-almost-anything hair styling tool for any woman. For additional advice on budget-friendly flat irons read Best Hair Straighteners For Every Budget.

How It Works!

To turn on the flat iron, ensure you hold the power button down for around ” 3 seconds.” This will turn your straightener on and permit it to heat up. HSI “boasts” that their Professional Flat Iron is a must-have beauty tool that has a “revolutionary ceramic ionic system” to ensure your hair is well hydrated, sleek, and glossy. The heat setting of the straightener can be managed with (+) and (-) signs on the iron for increasing or decreasing the heat setting. For the 450° heat setting, a separate button needs to be pushed.

Moreover, the flat iron has a “360°” cord that swivels, allowing for an “ergonomic” design. This means even women who have difficulty straightening or curling coarse or thick hair won’t have a problem using this iron. They will only have to pass the flat iron through a section of hair once.

Versatility of the HSI Professional Flat Iron

As well the HSI Professional has 100 percent “ceramic tourmaline plates” ensuring that your hair remains super-shiny, while the straighteners “curved-edges” allow for curls and flat ironing too. Your hair is guaranteed not to become frizzy and will stay glossy and straight when you need it to with this flat iron.

HSI Professional Flat Iron
Size of HSI Professional Flat Iron

Also, the HSI Professional Flat Iron’s versatility means you need only one tool to “instantly transfor[m]” your mane into beautiful frizz-free straight hair or long-lasting waves and curls. As well, the straightener has “dual voltage, excellent” so wherever in the world you use the HSI Professional Flat Iron, there’s no need to buy expensive plug-ins or new straighteners while traveling abroad.

HSI claims that although hair trends and styles change with fashion, their straightener will never go out of style. However, if you need a flat iron that comes in different plate lengths, you can also read up on the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightener Review to find flat irons in a 1-1/2-inch and 2-inch size as well as a 1-inch plate size.

Where to Purchase!

HSI Professional Flat Iron
HSI Professional Flat Iron Power on Button

Additionally, I would recommend purchasing this flat iron off of Amazon.com as it has outstanding reviews and no instances where the straightener was considered a fake (that I could find). On Amazon, the iron sells for around $80.00. If you cannot locate it on Amazon, it’s also available on Walmart.com.

Nonetheless, on Amazon, the straightener can be purchased wit excellent hair products from Morroccainoil to keep your healthy and moisturized while using the HSI Professional Flat Iron.

Hair Products from Morroccanoil

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner
Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

The Repair Shampoo and Conditioner from Moroccanoil comes as a set on Amazon. The shampoo promises to repair hair, to be “moisture-balancing,” and to aid hair that’s been weakened due to hair tools. It’s full of a “Keratin-enriched” and “argan oil-infused” mixture that rebuilds hair and improves its flexibility.

Furthermore, it’s the perfect shampoo for color damaged, chemically processed, or heat damaged hair. The shampoo’s unique formula includes “lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and jojoba extracts” that ensure your hair smells wonderful and is nourished from plant-based products. Also, it’s a shampoo free of parabens and sulfates.

Morrocanoil Hair Itense Hydrating Hair Mask

Moreover, the Repair Conditioner also promises to hydrate and condition dry hair and provide your hair with “texture,” flexibility, shine, and workability. It’s infused with “anti-oxidant-rich argan oil” and other ingredients to nourish and replenish your hairs moisture. If the conditioner isn’t enough, there is also an Intense Hydrating Mask which works similarly but is richer with “linseed extract, moisture-attracting glycerin,” and a thick creamy formula for intense moisture and softness.

Moroccanoil Root Boost
Moroccanoil Root Boost

Awesome Moroccanoil Styling Products

Additionally, an awesome Moroccanoil hair styling product to use while straightening your hair is their Moroccanoil Root Boost as no one, even flat ironing their hair, wants roots that are flat as well. This product will give your roots volume while the rest of your hair is flat (or curled). Another one of my favorite products is the Moroccanoil Mousse because it’s light and fluffy and provides hair with bounce and volume so your curls or straightened hairs are light and not weighed-down and flat. Together these products are a dynamic-duo.

HCT Professional Flat Iron Reviews

The Stats!

Moroccanoil Root Boost

On Amazon, out of 2,707 reviews, 77 percent of buyers gave the HCT Professional a 5-star rating and 12 percent gave it 4 stars. For 2 or 3 star ratings only 3 percent of buyers gave it 2 or 3 stars, respectively. A mere 5 percent rated the straightener with 1 star.

Good Reviews

A woman who rated the flat iron with 5 stars commented that she has “been using this flat iron for over 2 years now and that’s a record for” her as she is usually “always looking for something better.” She writes that she’s “spent just as much money on previous flat irons” and it “wasn’t as though” she’d never “purchased” a “cheap one” such as the HCT Professional before. She notes she’s “happy with this flat iron and it’s still going strong” and that has had good “bang for” her buck.”She has no “plans on changing” her straightener until it dies. Many of the good reviews said much the same thing as most buyer stores were satisfied with the flat iron.

Bad Reviews

Quite surprisingly, bad reviews on the HCI Professional Flat Iron were difficult to find. Unless the product was purchased defective, to begin with, everyone was happy with the flat iron and its price point. All defective flat irons were easily replaced for ones that worked well and buyers loved their replacements. Any flat irons that have stopped working, even within 18 months were also replaced by Amazon or HCI.

Final Thoughts

A glove that comes with the Flat Iron as to not Burn Your Hand!
A glove that comes with the Flat Iron as to not Burn Your Hand!

This is a straightener I would purchase myself. Not only is the price great, all around, the reviews are awesome and the flat iron is both designed to curl and straighten hair well. In no other straightener, I’ve reviewed has 77 percent of 2,707 buyers recommended a flat iron. As well, there doesn’t seem to be any issues with fakes with this specific HSI Professional Flat Iron on Amazon. Any straighteners purchased that were defective were also replaced quickly, even when an iron broke after a year and a half.

I’m hesitant with ceramic irons, having thick hair myself and a little luck with them. However, this one seems to be the real-deal, works fantastic, and is a great purchase that won’t leave you disappointed for the price you paid.

For more flat iron reviews you can read the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron Review.


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