BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Basics of the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Today I’d like to share with you, my review of the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener. It’s an “ultra-thin” flat iron made of Titanium which is a great “conductor of heat.”This means your flat iron can remain at high temperature and won’t cool down or become too hot to for you to hold. The “Nano Titanium” the straightener is made of has “far-infrared heat” that “penetrate[s]” your hair. The straightener’s Titanium plates also have a width of “1.5 inches.” As well, this flat iron is gentle to your hair won’t cause your hair heat damage of

The “Nano Titanium” the straightener is made of has “far-infrared heat” that “penetrate[s]” your hair. The straightener’s Titanium plates also have a width of “1.5 inches.” As well, this flat iron is gentle to your hair won’t cause your hair heat damage of any kind.

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Straightener
BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry-Straightener

Another thing I like about this straightener’s outside shell is that it’s made from “Ryton” which is extremely light and feels weightless in your hands. Ryton also is resistant to high heat, so you won’t burn your hands while flattening your hair with this Wet-To-Dry Straightener.

Benefits of the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Also, the BabylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straighter allows you to have “ultra-shiny, pin-straight” hairstyles with “one pass” of your flat iron through a section of hair. Note, that you can’t have dripping wet hair when you flat iron it. However, your hair should be damp or towel dried.

Also, the Wet-To-Dry flat iron allows your straightened hairstyle to last for more than a day; especially, if you have naturally curly hair. Also, the iron’s “slim styling” means that you’ll remain comfortable while flattening your hair. You won’t receive any cramps in your hands or arms because the flat iron is too heavy.

Moreover, my favorite thing about the BaBylissPRO Wet-to-Dry Nano Straightener is that it has “5-inch extended plates” which mean you can flattening your hair quickly; even if your hair is thick like mine! It also has “50 heat settings, and/or” and the heat of the flat iron goes as high “450°F.”

How to Use the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener 

To use the BabBulissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener, simply “glide” it “over your and towel dried hair. As you straighten your hair, the flat iron will “releas[e] steam” that is “generated by” your damp hair. The steam will come out “through vents in the” titanium “plates” out of the straightener’s ‘Ryton’ casing.

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Where to Buy the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

The BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener can be bought on Amazon. You can also find it at Target or Walmart. Take a peek at our blog post: Best Hair Straightener for Every Budget before you decide to make a purchase.

Vital Warranty Information & More FAKES on Amazon!

Additionally, on Amazon, the BaBylissPro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener has a warranty that is only provided by BaByliss (the more expensive brand of Conair). This warranty provides you ” a 3-year warranty against all defects or faults in manufacturing or materials.’ However, to “benefit from the warranty,” the “original proof of purchase (sales ticket or receipt)” is required. It must be “attached to the warranty slip.”

BaBylissPro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
Credit: – Surprised Girl – 

On the warranty slip, you must also include your full contact information. As well, the “warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, falls, dismantling, or repair by unauthorized persons.” The BaByliss warrant on Amazon, also notes that normal “repairs or exchanges” during the warranty period “will not affect the expiry date” of the warranty itself.

If you purchase the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Straightener on Amazon, you might want to consider that the “Manufacturers’ warranties may not apply in all cases. The warranty is reliant on factors such as the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who sold the product

This leads me to believe that for BaByliss straighteners, this BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Straightener, in particular, should be purchased elsewhere online or at a retailer. If you purchase your flat iron at the physical store, at least, you can read the box and see exactly what you’re buying.

This is the downfall of purchasing appliances at some online. However, you might want to read our Flat Iron Buying Guide first as this might help you make better online purchases.

Recommended Hair Products for the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

Heat Protectants with Smooth & Shine

AG Hair Products: Smooth Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
AG Smooth Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray

A great product to use, especially with Wet-To-Dry flat irons, is by AG Hair Products and is a  Smooth Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray which leaves your hair with shiny and smooth will putting a “protective barrier” between your hair and your straightener.

Moreover, this AG Hair Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray is wonderful at “preventing” your hair from breaking. It also works to control “unruly hair and flyaways” and the volume from leaving your hairstyle. As well, this product protects your hair up to “300 º F” which may or may not work for you, depending on how thick your hair is. It’s a product I enjoyed very much due to the shine factor.

S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray

BaBylissPro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
S Factor Flat Iron Spray

Another option to consider is S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray. I’m a huge fan of their products and always find they work well. This particular ‘S Factor’ Flat Iron spray is a “heat defender spray” that works the heat of your straightener throughout your hair, so it never concentrates and damages one particular area when you are styling it.

As well, this product helps to condition your hair. It leaves it looking healthy, smooth, and shiny with the product’s “ultimate thermal protection.” This is a wonderful shine spray to use if you use your straightener almost every day or second day. Moreover, this would depend on how often you wash your hair.

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
‘It’s 10:’ Silk Express Miracle Silk Smoothing Balm

It’s 10: Silk Express Silk Smoothing Balm

Lastly, a slightly cheaper product to is from ‘It’s 10,’ a brand I also like. Their Silk Express Silk Smoothing Balm is fantastic to use to hold in “silkiness” while “reduc[ing] frizz.” It acts as a heat protectant from your flat iron, and cuts your” hair drying time in half, whether you use a blowdryer, or use the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener on your damp hair.


BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener Reviews

The Stats

On out of 358 reviews, the average was 4.1 stars out of 5. As well, on Amazon, 68 percent of buyers gave the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener 5 stars and 16 percent of people gave the flat iron 3 or 4 stars. An almost equal amount of people of 15 percent, gave the straightener 1 or 2 stars. I imagine many of these unsatisfied customers on Amazon gave the flat iron a low review because they received fake BaByliss straighteners.

Reviews: Good & Bad

I feel unsure about purchasing a straightener from BaByliss on Amazon as I keep reading many reviews from customers who say things such as this woman:”FAKE FAKE FAKE!! Don’t buy this! It’s an imitation, it broke like three days after I bought it. I went to a store” to buy the authentic flat iron” and “they assured me it was fake. Please look on the plug and if it has a code that’s how you tell it’s a real BaByliss” flat iron.

Besides many complaints about receiving fake irons, one mom on Amazon commented that she “sent” the straightener” off to college with [her] daughter and bought another one.” Tthe mom notes she used her replacement straightener of the same kind, “less than a dozen times and it stopped working.”There was “no power” when she plugged it in and she thinks she received ” a dud or lemon of a product.”

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
Flat Ironed Hair with the BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener

While it was difficult to find a good review on due to all the fakes, one woman wrote that her “hair stylist recommended [she] buy this brand since she uses it.” She said she “was hoping not to spend too much” on a flat iron so she is “very happy with this purchase,” The flat iron “heats up to different temps” and has an on/off button” and the”cord is super long.” She would ‘recommend doing small pieces” of your hair at a time because then you only have to run the straightener through it once.

Final Thoughts

While I’m a big fan of cutting out blow-drying in my haircare routine, I’m not absolutely sure about this flat iron. BaByliss usually has great products and I’ve had success returning faulty to them. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to tell on Amazon how many BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straighteners were fakes, and which ones were faulty.

BaBylissPRO Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener
Woman Flat Ironing Hair 

As a whole, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this flat iron on Amazon because of how many fake products people received. I would go to another retailer online or in-store. As well, I  would ensure I purchase this straightener at a place where you’re not on your own when it comes to returning the straightener through BaByliss alone. When I had to return a BaByliss product in the past, it was much easier for me to this through the online retailer than on my own.

For more information on flat irons or hair straighteners on this blog, check out our post Cheap Vs. Expensive Hair Straighteners.


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