Best Hair Straightener For Every Budget

The more people that exist on this planet, the more brands begin to pop up. And with women making up the majority of the population, beauty product brands are taking over the industry. Knowing what hair straightener brand to use for your hair type, length, color, and what style you are going for is very important. Do you know your hair as well as you should? ‘Cause if you do then we have the brands for you and your beautiful hair.

best hair straightener brand

We are offering you the best hair straightener brand for your money. And some of the worst hair straighteners… But, with quality comes expense. That being said, we are also going to tell you about how to get your money’s worth from the best straightener. Oh! And where to buy them on the internet! I know, fantastic, right?

best hair straightener brandBest Hair Straightener For Every Budget

Let’s start off with the most expensive and the best hair straightener brand first. Out of all the hair straightener brands I have tried, I must admit I have never tried one that is worth more than 100 dollars. Needless to say, I was so excited to try this hair straightener to see how magical it could truly be on my hair and I was not disappointed.

Coming in at best and the most expensive we have the lovely GHD White Platinum Styler. It costs approximately $215, although when I was looking for it, it was in English pounds. It is by far the best hair straightener!

This lovely straightener can be purchased on Look Fantastic. There are a lot of hair straighteners, which after you use the flat iron, your hair is left looking dead and limp… Well, at least that’s what happens with mine. But this hair straightener brand will leave your hair looking like you just got your hair done by a beauty professional. I am talking, full blown blowout hairstyle and that beautiful silky shine.

If you have no idea about your hair type and want to have the best-looking hair, then the GHD is the hair straightener brand for you.

For extra information on this; product description, customer reviews, details, etc. click here.

We’re Happy, But It Is Only Kinda Worth the Price

And at the second place of the both expensive and worth it category, is the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 SensoCare Straighteners. I was beyond excited to get my hands on this straightener for the first time… But I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as the most expensive one. I mean money almost always equals quality, so the more money you spend, the better your hair is going to feel and last. After using the Braun Satin Hair, my hair did feel like satin but not as beautiful as the GHD above. If I am not being picky, then the Braun Satin will do the trick and still make you look like a queen when you go out to work, the club, coffee with friends…

This hair straightener brand sells their products on Amazon at approximately $82. You can find them elsewhere for cheaper or more expensive, but Amazon guarantees quality delivery. Realistically, $82 is a pretty good deal for the quality you get.

I recommend this one if you don’t have the money to buy the expensive one but, still straighten your hair every day.

If you would like to read more product details, descriptions, and reviews, there are plenty on Amazon and other websites to reassure your choice.

Getting Your Money’s Worth From the Best Hair Straightener Brand

There have been a lot of mixed reviews about the Toni & Guy brand. That being said, this particular brand is worth it for the money you paid.  It makes the list of Best Hair Straightener For Every Budget. And even better, for any gender, any length or hair, any hair. Here we are at number three, the Toni & Guy Style Fix Straighteners. These little beauties are priced at about $40 and can be found on their website which is linked above (Toni & Guy) or at Boots. Which is a relatively cheap international online store.

best and after straighteningI found this straightener to be lightweight in my hands, and I liked that the plates were blue. I am so used to black, silver, and that weird ugly yellow that lets you know when you have been using hairspray. You know the little burn lines on the iron because it is too hot? Anyways, this straightener took me about 20 minutes to do my whole head and have beautifully straight hair. I have shoulder length hair, super wavy/kinda curly, and brunette. I got to keep my volume from my naturally wavy hair but, it was still beautiful straight and luxurious looking.

There are plenty of YouTube videos out there and reviews of this hair straightener if what I have to tell you isn’t enough.

Umm,… No Thank You

Arriving at our first, but not last, of the not-so-good and probably-not-worth-the-money hair straighteners, is the Cloud Nine Original Iron. It is set at a price of about $170, which is asking a lot for a brand that doesn’t make your hair silky smooth. But if you are interested in this hair straightener, and just blowing cash, you can purchase it at Cloud Nine Hair. I am sure you are wondering why I am saying this about a hair straightener brand. Aren’t all straighteners the same? I mean they flatten your hair. What more could you want from it?

Well what I want, if I am spending $170, is my hair to be laced with gold, silky smooth, and anything equivalent to looking like a goddess. But Cloud Nine has left me feeling like I am not on Cloud Nine. It feels like I am still on Earth. It straightened my hair just fine, but it didn’t give my hair the life it truly needed.

However, there are positive reviews out there of Cloud Nine, and hey maybe it will work for you. Feel free to check out the reviews on either of the links above.

Don’t Even Try These Hair Straighteners…

Any hair straightener brand that you can purchase for about $20 bucks at your local convenience store or supermarket. Yeah, those. I am going to have to ask you not to buy. I mean it isn’t even a cheap one from a beauty store. For example, Conair is the one at all your local stores, and it is cheap. Maybe buy this for your 12-year-old daughter who is just starting to play with her hair.

Don’t get this for yourself though. You are a grown woman who deserves better. Make the extra effort for yourself, pay the little extra for your hair. I remember using a Conair straightener in middle school and then immediately moving on to the CHI hair straightener brand in high school. Which the CHI brand, I must admit, is not bad but after trying some of these other brands… Wow. I hope you enjoyed our thoughts on Best Hair Straightener For Every Budget.

You can find the Conair at Walgreens or Walmart for about $20 to $30. And if you are more instead in the CHI flat iron, then you can purchase that on Amazon or Ulta Beauty.

Let us know in the comments below what straighteners you would like us to review or hear more about. Share this with your friends and keep an eye out for more reviews.


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