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Best Flat Iron for African American Hair

Flat Iron African American Hair
Best Flat Iron for African American Hair
African American hair is beautiful and there are unlimited hairstyles to select from. The hair follicles are curly and the actual hair quality is usually thick, with tight and smaller curls throughout. As a result there are often very diverse methods of styling and straightening this type of hair.

Maintenance has always been a fashion statement for those who have African American hair, and the aim of product manufacturers has always been to create elegance and attractive styles on a global setting; perhaps that’s why there are so many different hairdo approaches that have come into play.

Some people like to leave their hair naturally curly and put mousse or gels to enhance the natural curls, others like to get a temporary hair weave, yet still others like to completely straighten their hair and wear it shoulder length or hip long. For all those, however, who are looking for a simple and routine way of straightening their hair, there are flat irons that have been created specifically to facilitate that task.

We will be looking at three specific best flat irons that work well on African American hair.

1) BaBylissPRO Nano Flat Iron

This is possibly one of the best flat irons for straightening hair and creating endless salon-quality styling possibilities. The iron bars are made from new and improved technology solid titanium. Titanium is lightweight, yet tough and firm, with a low density; it’s resistant to corrosion and can endure very high temperatures.

• These ultra-thin irons are easy to work with for results that are extraordinary.

• Get a sleek and smooth look every time.

• The heat is constant due to the titanium which causes the negative ions to reach great temperatures, in turn allowing faster straightening in a shorter period of time.

• The iron will glide through each section of the hair that it straightens with a lot of ease and speed.

Exclusive Features

Although it’s a thin looking curling iron, the wide plates are 5 inches long and can reach temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking the hair shaft. This iron has a great heat retention factor and can cover a wider area of the hair during styling which makes hand fatigue a thing of the past.

The speed at which the hair is straightened is amazing with this new high-tech ironing machine. You can select from a wide variety of styles for the straightening of all types of resistant hair.

The Ryton housing of the iron is resistant to high heat, steam, acids and other chemicals, so your hair will be straightened faster without pulling or damaging it.

Here are the 5 major advantages offered by the BaBylissPRO Nano:

1) Ryton high heat resistant housing
2) Wide plates to cover more hair surface
3) Streamline design and lightweight
4) Corrosion-free Titanium plates
5) Comfortable grip handle

2) The Rusk RSK732 Flat Iron

This tough hair straightening tool is also a Titanium-infused flat iron which is known to be one of the best flats that can deal really well in straightening those sturdy and course African American locks, since its high heat quality is non-damaging to the hair follicle as it turns the curl into a distinct straight strand.

Two sizing options are suggested, especially if you want to style or straighten your hair, but also want to look great without too much trouble. This iron may be a bit more expensive, but in the long run it will save everyone money for their pockets. You’ll get a salon look without having fried your hair and the ends of your hair will look gorgeous! So you won’t have to trim your hair after all!

Hair Types

The Rusk RSK732 comes in two sizes depending on whether you are trying to curl or straighten your hair.

– The bigger iron will completely straighten or leave a little wave

– The smaller iron is used for curling and styling

This modern flat iron comes with a ceramic heater and is made from titanium. It may not be a good match for people with short hair, since the iron can burn the face as you need to approach the hair closer to your face and therefore it could accidentally burn your scalp or face if you are not careful. Also, there is no “on” and “off” button on this flat iron, so always make sure you unplug it after use.

For coarse and thick hair, this iron is perfect in taming the curls and waves for a much straighter look that’s chic and sophisticated. The best thing about this hair tool is that it’s relatively more economical and easy to use. The end result is slick and smooth looking hair that’s straight, shiny and healthy looking.

3) The Karmin Salon Pro Flat Iron

The Karmin G3 lives up to its name by providing style and manageability to your course hair.

This hair iron has the following positive features:

– Quick heating – This helps in getting the hair straightened in less time

– A cord that is tangle-free – For easy access and quick and reliable use

– Several temperature settings – Helps in styling versatility and degree of straightening force

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro has been built to do a professional job both at home and in a salon. The Tourmaline; a gem and precious stone quality used within the making of this flat iron can emit negative ions to infuse moisture into the hair follicle, which in turn keeps the moisture in the hair while at the same time enhancing the shine in all hair types.

The ceramic plates are great for protecting the hair from heat damage, frizz and excess waviness. The moisture is captured and sealed, and the hair is straightened with a great looking polish. The plates of this pro styling iron will heat within 30 seconds to create any desired look.

Flat Iron Recap

African American hair is always frizzy and quite often hard to tame. One of the best ways to straighten those small, tight curls is to use any of the three flat iron models we discussed in detail.

Titanium verses regular ceramic, both work well on naturally tightly curled hair, although the use of a Titanium flat iron is usually recommended for people who have thick and coarse hair. In the case where you have delicate hair, then it’s recommended to use a ceramic flat iron instead.

Keep in mind all three of these flat irons are winners, since all the people who have used them have been satisfied in the past, are satisfied in the present, and will be satisfied in the future…….

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron Review

chi g2 ceramic and titanium
Review of CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron
Today’s review is on the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron. The CHI brand has produced quality flat irons for professionals and their latest product, the CHI G2 (Generation #2) comes out of the gate with guns blazing. But how good is this 2nd generation? Let’s find out.Features
CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron comes with a thermal travel wrap/mat. It uses 40 watts and has dual voltage. It comes in two main sizes: 1 inch and 1.25 inches. It has a digital display and comes with preset temperature modes as well as the ability to set your own custom temperature with plus/minus buttons. The mode settings are color-coded for ease of use. The plates are made up of a combination of ceramic and titanium, which results in efficient, almost instant heating and effective, long lasting straightening.Pros
Heats up quickly—no long wait to heat up for the G2. With its titanium infused ceramic plates, this flat iron heats up in 40 seconds. Now that’s fast.Outer casing comfort—it can be very frustrating when you’re straightening your hair and holding a hot-to-the-touch handle too. But no worries, the G2’s outer casing stays comfortably cool, allowing you to complete your style in less time.

chi flat iron g2

Silky straight Hair—ceramic plates on their own do a decent job of smoothing out hair, but when you add titanium to the mix you get super hero results. The G2 plates glide over the hair and you don’t have to worry about the flat iron “pulling” on the hair.

Adjustable temperature settings—this is a very special perk. In addition to the preset modes, you can adjust the temperature from 350 to 425 degrees. You can have your own custom setting that is just right for your hair.

Lightweight—if you’ve ever tried to straighten or curl your own hair, then you know how awkward and tiring it can be to maneuver your irons around your head without accidently burning something in the process. The G2’s lightweight and sleek build minimizes hand, wrist and arm fatigue. That is especially important to users with chronic wrist, hand or shoulder issues.

Long cord—some users do not like the long length of cord, but many more users have come to appreciate this feature. The G2’s cord measures 11 feet, so you’re definitely not restricted to the immediate area in front of a mirror. Besides, the long cord is essential in salons and the G2 is a professional grade straightener. Another nice feature is the Velcro strap to keep your cord neatly contained when not in use.

Handles all types of hair—the G2 can straighten any type of hair—thick, thin, curly, coarse, kinky, short, long or combinations thereof. No matter what, the G2 can straighten it.

Multiple styles—the G2 is a versatile tool that not only straightens your hair, but you can use it to style your hair too. The rounded profile lends itself perfectly to producing soft curls and waves. Just need your bangs or your ends bumped? The G2 has your back.

Reduced styling time—what used to take you 40 minutes now takes half the time with the G2 straightener. It comes back to the plates. Ceramic-titanium and/or ionic tourmaline infused plates heat up quickly and smooth out hair instantly. So instead of multiple passes, you only need 1-2 passes to achieve desired results.

Temperature resets on its own—Some users have reported that the temperature gauge has a tendency to reset on its own or has temperature fluctuations on its own. If you leave the iron idle for too long the G2 does reset itself. However, you can simply press the mode button and the temperature will promptly be restored back to the last setting.

No automatic shut-off—we agree that the G2 could use an automatic shut-off, but it does have the standard GFI plug/switch, so it does have some protection against surges. And if you use the thermal mat that comes with the G2, you can minimize potential fire hazards to your counter.

No warranty if purchased online—some users were outraged to find out there was no warranty if you purchased your CHI G2 online. The only way to receive the limited 2-year warranty was to purchase at a salon or beauty supply store. You will have to make your own determination on whether the price of the G2 is worth going the extra mile to obtain that 2-year warranty.

Relatively expensive—the CHI brand is a recognizable one in the hair styling industry, and if you plan on buying the ceramic/titanium or the tourmaline coated straightener, be prepared to pay for the G2 in the $120.00-$160.00 range.

Cannot use in other countries—while the CHI G2 does boast dual voltage and the
manufacturer claims you can take your G2 abroad, there have been mixed reviews from users on this subject. That being said, you should be able to use your G2 if traveling out of the country to a destination serviced by either 110/220 voltage outlets

The CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron is a solid investment. This styling tool can produce beautiful straight hair in less time with virtually no pulling. We like the fact that it works the same on any hair type and the digital temperature controls are like icing on a cake. The pros easily outweigh the cons when you can achieve the same results as a professional. If you’re looking for a quality, durable and efficient flat iron and don’t mind paying for it, then the G2 is definitely for you.