CHI Original Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Review

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CHI Original Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline

Here we go with an honest review of the CHI original pro ceramic ionic tourmaline.

First let me say, that is one long name for a flat iron. It also happens to be the flat iron I used for most of my middle school and beginning of my high school career. That being said, it was a pretty great starting off flat iron. I may or may not have burned my ear quite a few times and hooked my earring burning my ear thoroughly in the process. No fault of the CHI original pro ceramic ionic tourmaline though… (That is seriously one very long name for a beauty product).

CHI Original Pro Ceramic Flat Iron—1″ Plate

It is not easy to find a concrete product description of the CHI original pro because it came out so long ago which means a lot of sites have taken it down. But I will try my best to give you the best product description. Hopefully, it will feel like it is in your hands.

The CHI original pro is a classic tourmaline ceramic hair straightener. The CHI was able to combine these two tourmaline ceramic plates to give you even heat distribution. This means that the heat distribution is only going to be hot all the way across the ceramic plates. Not understanding what I am saying? Well, that it will evenly heat your hair as long as you evenly iron your hair. It is a process. The fancy words most descriptions use this iron is something to do with lots of negative ions and static electricity for luxurious hair.

The CHI original pro is the one you will probably see in local hair salons. It can style your hair in anyway you need it to. We’re talking spirals, waves, flips, and just regular old smooth straight hair. It will be able to get rid of those pesky fly aways and reduce your frizz.

There is also a two-year warranty. Good stuff right there.

chi original pro ceramic ionic
CHI Original Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline

The Good

The CHI original pro didn’t just come out with a bang for no reason a couple of years back. This straightener was doing the job right before tons of other brands had come out with their own. Making this straightener one of the best for its price, size, and weight. It is also the perfect travel flat iron for when you are on the go. It will fit perfectly into any of your bags.

This flat iron will provide you with big curls, beautiful waves, silky smooth straight hair, and shine that will last until your next shower.

Don’t forget the two year warranty in case it has any internal errors or problems.

chi original pro ceramic ionic

The Bad

New hair straighteners have been coming out every day for years now. Which means that there are better flat irons out there and more coming every month this year. The CHI original pro ceramic ionic tourmaline doesn’t get hot enough for kinky hair to get straightened properly. The 1” ceramic plates aren’t big enough to straighten long hair quickly, and especially not thick or coarse hair. It is time-consuming, will most likely burn your head, as well as your hands while you’re holding it because the ceramic plates get so hot. The plates getting hot doesn’t mean it will heat your hair evenly and most of the heat goes through the outside of the straightener instead of smoothing your hair down.

The Ugly

The cold hard truth is that there are better straighteners out there for less money and more money. There are flat irons that are going to rock your world if you are willing to spend the money. My feelings about the CHI original pro ceramic ionic tourmaline are for the most part positive. It straighteners your hair the way you need it to and will also burn the crap out of you if you stop paying attention. It is everything you can expect from a decent straightener. Because it is a 1” plate, you are going to struggle quite a bit if you have shorter hair or baby hair that are just causing you trouble. Prepare to have little burns on your head, ears, and neck because this iron is a little too big for that.

For college, for high school, even for middle school this straightener will get the job done on medium and long hair of all hair types. Although if you have super kinky hair then I would pick a hair straightener that is a lot hotter.

Where To Find It & Cost

Ulta Beauty $59

One of my favorite beauty stores and where I initially found the CHI original pro. Besides the hundreds of kiosks that were selling them throughout the mall.

Walmart $57

They will be your cheapest guarantee for getting this product at the lowest price. Online stores can provide you with more affordable prices, but there isn’t necessarily a guarantee you will get the right product with them.

Amazon $60

There have been a lot of reviews that Amazon isn’t providing the correct product and they send you a knock off. But there are also plenty of reviews that will tell you the product was perfect and there was nothing wrong with it.

eBay $40 – $80

eBay has everything. But it is usually used… There are a few out there that are the original product though.

Our Official Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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