Flat Iron Buying Guide and Reviews

Buying Guide For Flat Irons

Flat Iron Buying Guide: what you need to know

Long shiny straight hair is always in season. There are tons of great femme fatale straight lock looks that can complete any fashion ensemble. Having smooth, lovely hair can create seductive power with a mere glance, but it isn’t always simple to get the smooth haired look you’ve always dreamt of.

If you’re looking to create sleeker, glossier locks to become your femme fatale you can’t go wrong with a flat iron. Today’s flat irons come in a variety of styles and models. These fantastic irons aren’t the hot comb models of the past and offer great styling options. With so many flat iron options to choose from, it can be hard to make just the right choice. At Flatiron reviewer, we’ve got everything you need to know about using a flat iron to achieve straight, shiny, healthy looking locks.


What is a flat iron:

Be aware that there are several different styles of flat irons. But, the basics are – that flat irons use heat to lengthen and straighten curly, wavy and sometimes frizzy locks. Hair is placed into the barrel of a flat ceramic, titanium or tourmaline plate piece and then lightly pressed together to allow hair to slide gently through the plate to straighten the hair. Flat irons help avoid the damage that can be caused by chemical straighteners and are a great value depending on the type plate and brand you buy.

What types of hair can a flat iron straighten?:

Flat irons were created to be versatile enough to manage the needs of several different hair types:

Fine – Limp, thin hair

Damaged – color treated, chemically straightened hair

Healthy – Hair that is strong and hasn’t been chemically treated or in other ways damaged from combing and other processes

Irons come different settings depending on hair type and range from 80 degrees f to 450 degrees f. Once the hair has been prepared for heat styling using either styling cream or straightening balm, the plate inside the iron is heated up to the correct temperature allowing hair to be placed onto the iron for temporary straightening. Once hair is washed, it will need a flat iron process again to recreate a smooth straight look.

Do’s and don’ts of using a flat iron to straighten your hair:

Woman having a bad hair day

Flat irons can be an integral part of the process to getting just the right straight hair look for you. They can make your hair look and feel great. However, irons can cause damage if they aren’t used properly. To head off problems from flat ironing hair, read on to discover the dos and don’ts you’ll need to remember when you use your new flat iron device.

Do – Remember to use heat protectant because using a flat iron removes natural moisture from the hair causing the hair to begin to fizz not straighten. Heat protectants come in sprays, creams, and serums and must always be used before using applying a hot flat iron onto hair.

Do – Run hair though the flat iron only once. Why do only once? Because running hair multiple times through a flat iron can cause drying and frizziness at the ends of the hair while leaving the inner parts smooth making hair look unbalanced.

Do – When using your flat iron, remember to section the hair working from the back towards the front. Section the hair into in 1/2-inch parts while using the iron to allow heat to circulate through the hair and begin at the root to avoid heat damage to the hair strand.

Don’t – It is important to understand, not to overheat hair stands. So, be sure to avoid extreme temperatures while you’re flat ironing your hair. One great rule to follow is this – Coarse hair means higher temperature there, fine, limp locks avoid hot temperature shocks.

Don’t – Avoid the sizzling sound. If you hear a sizzling sound while flat ironing your hair, then you could be burning it which will cause breakage and damage to the hair strand. If you hear a sizzling sound while using your iron and you are sure your hair is completely dry, it could be caused by product build-up on the iron or your hair.

Don’t – Never use flat irons on wet or damp hair because it will cause damage to hair. Be sure to completely dry hair before using a flat iron.

Which flat iron is right for you?

There are several different styles of flat irons on the market today which operate in a variety of ways. The main three flat iron styles we will cover in the Flat Iron Buying Guide are Ceramic, Titanium, and Tourmaline. Each of these current models works with different heat power which means it becomes more important to understand these differences before you choose your flat iron model. All of these models offer salon quality and at-home use units.

cheap vs expensive hair straighteners

Tourmaline irons are newer model irons that offer smooth wavy locks which allow hair to remain fizz and more damage free than simply positively charged hair by combining negatively plus positively charged ions to gain a more balanced lock. Tourmaline irons are well suited for running hair through the iron once. Tourmaline irons work well with fine and tightly coiled hair.

Consistent heat distribution
Holds moisture into the hair strand
Stays effective at lower heat settings
Works well for fine or damaged hair

Doesn’t work well on super curly thick hair

Ceramic Irons have remained popular with solid salon quality operation due to its quick heat up and solid heat distribution. Ceramic irons are best suited towards those with fine, straight to wavy hair.

Strong reputation with great market record for quality
Secure, steady even heat distribution
Economically priced

Can come in ceramic or ceramic coating which easily chips

Titanium irons are the most current flat iron on the market today, and they offer great styling options for several different hair types. Because of several different heat settings, titanium irons can easily lessen heat damage while providing exceptional flatness and shine for curly, thick, and wavy hair. However be aware that those with delicate, damaged or fine hair should choose either a tourmaline or ceramic due to the fast heat up of the model. Titanium irons are heavy duty irons that work best for anyone with thick, curly hair.

Safest metal plates on the market
Even heat distribution
Newest flat iron type
Neutralizes static electricity

Because of quick heat up, can damage hair

Flatiron models come in a variety of sizes ranging from one inch to upward to 2.5 inches. Picking the perfect flat iron for you comes down to choice, preference and what type of hair length plus thickness you have. One size does not fit all when it comes to flat irons.


Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the perfect flat iron:

The length of your hair – Shorter hair can easily accommodate a one-inch iron, where someone with long thick hair would struggle.

The texture of your hair – Damaged hair should never be ironed with a Titanium model due to the chance for greater harm. Check over your hair from root to end to check for strength, thickness, and texture and ask yourself:

  • Does my hair break easily? Then a ceramic or tourmaline flat iron is best for you.
  • Do I have very thick strong hair? Gals with thick, strong hair will find that a Titanium model will work best.
  • Is my hair short or long? A plate width length of 1 inch works for shorter hair while a greater plate width will suit longer hair


I hope you enjoyed the Flat Iron Buying Guide. Discovering the best flat iron for you can be a fun experience, so be sure to check out several different brands, models, and styles. Then apply what you’ve learned and you’ll soon be on your way to the sleeker, smoother hair you’ve always wanted.


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